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Welcome to NMC Urocare

Men’s Clinic – Overview

Male Infertility: Deficiencies in the male partner accounts for a significant percentage of infertility among couples. Detailed investigations like hormonal profiles and testicular biopsy are available to diagnose the cause of this condition.

  • Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction: Men suffering from this condition are subjected to extensive investigations like Hormone Assay, Penile Doppler etc. Following this the appropriate treatment schedules are offered.
  • Benign Prostate Disease: This is common among middle aged and old men. After full clinical evaluation and office procedures like Uroflowmetry, patients are offered both medical therapy and surgical procedures like TUR of the Prostate. The latest no compromise solution for BPH Management – NIAGRAPV LASER SYSTEM (KTP Laser) is available in this hospital.

The Urology Department is actively involved in the management of male sexual dysfunction such as impotence, premature ejaculation and libido disorders. As one of the best clinical centers in the field of erectile dysfunction, it specializes in comprehensive team approach. Psychosexual therapy and counseling by affiliated specialists are available for patients with psychologically induced impotence. In collaboration with the Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics, treatment and advice is provided to couples seeking solutions to infertility. The treatments include:

  • Non-surgical treatments for impotence
    • Penile self-injection therapy
  • Surgical treatments for impotence:
    • Penile prosthetics (implants)
    • Venous leak ligation
  • Infertility solutions:
    • Artificial reproductive techniques for the male
    • Microsurgical Vaso-vasostomy
    • Vaso-Epididymostomy
    • Sperm concentration and separation