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NMC Royal Hospital-Khalifa City wins Gulf Customer Experience Awards-2016

NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City the largest quaternary care hospital in the private sector of UAE has won the esteemed Gulf Customer Experience Awards 2016 in the Wellbeing and Health category for demonstrating an outstanding and robust patient experience program.

NMC Royal Hospital-Khalifa City wins Gulf Customer Experience Awards-2016

NMC Healthcare group’s 40 years of experience in the country has gone into designing and planning of this state of the art 500 beds hospital with a vision to provide world-class healthcare services enabled by the latest technology, a team of highly experienced medical professionals and a commitment to render exceptional experience to all stakeholders. While positive clinical outcomes and pioneering clinical services have been a major driver of NMC’s journey thus far, the modern patient deserves and demands a holistic healthcare experience. With the understanding that long-term sustainability of healthcare rests on the 2 pillars of excellent outcomes and stellar patient experience, NMC Royal ensures the latter by implementing and adhering to a holistic Patient’s Journey Experiences Map covering over 50 touch points of engagement from the time patient enters till he exits the hospital.

Since NMC’s inception in 1975, our Founder, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Dr. B.R Shetty believes that we should always look at the pulse of the patient before the purse. NMC Royal Hospital lives up to this philosophy by providing royal customer experience and this has been achieved through formulation of Royal Service Excellence Assurance Parameters based on the inputs received from multiple patient focus groups and a team of experienced professionals from various verticals such as doctors, service excellence managers, training and innovation teams brainstormed multiple scenarios and solutions to identify the best in class parameters, relevant key performance indicators and rigorous performance evaluation methods. The key was to ensure that the solutions had to be a driver of NMC’s strategic goal of excellence in healthcare in this case from the particular perspective of exceptional patient experience.

In today’s highly competitive market, NMC Royal Hospital not just provides the routine healthcare services but it accentuates the patient experience by providing an array of clinical and non clinical services such as health monitoring at home, long term acute care, a health cafe & in-house spa, creche services and royal suites to name a few. The need to provide a holistic healthcare experience to the patients has resulted in a facility with highly qualified and multi-cultural health professionals who speak over 40 languages besides serving their expectations of personalized care and highest quality of safe healthcare.

Hosted by the UK based Awards International and in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development, Dubai the Gulf Customer Experience Awards recognize organizations which demonstrate great customer experience across the middle east region. The awards are designed to recognize best practice in delivering world class customer service and a commitment to render exceptional experience to all stakeholders at all levels of engagement.

The finalist’s presentation and ceremony was held in Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Dubai on January 18th 2017. On behalf of NMC Royal Hospital, the award was collected by Mr. Barry Bedford, General Manager.