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Open Cystolithotomy

What is open cystolithotomy?

Cystolithotomy is an open surgical procedure by which bladder stones or foreign bodies are removed from the urinary bladder. Bladder stones form when urine does not completely empty from the bladder and becomes concentrated. Open cystolithotomy is performed when the stones are very large, such that they obstruct the opening of the urinary bladder and cannot pass out naturally. This surgery is not advisable if you have bladder cancer, coagulation disorder or an existing urinary tract infection.

How is the procedure performed?

Open cystolithotomy is performed under general anesthesia and is an inpatient surgery. Prior to the procedure, the bladder is examined through cystoscopy, where a telescope is passed through the urethra into the bladder to examine the bladder for the presence of stones.

Your surgeon then makes an incision on the lower abdomen to expose the bladder. An incision is made on the bladder and the stone is removed. The bladder incision is stitched. A catheter (narrow tube) is placed in the bladder for drainage of urine and excess blood. Your surgeon may slowly drip fluid in and out of the bladder to help flush out the blood.

You will be discharged from the hospital after you completely recover. You may have to come back after 7 to 14 days for the removal of your catheter.

What risks and complications are involved?

Like all surgical procedures, open cystolithotomy may involve complications such as:

  • Burning sensation and/or presence of blood while passing urine
  • Infection of the bladder or incision site
  • Injury of the urethra
  • Fever or serious infections which may increase your stay at the hospital
  • Delayed healing of the bladder
  • Leakage of urine from the bladder
  • Difficulty in passing urine after removal of the catheter

Open surgical techniques are restricted to selective cases only. There are alternate minimally invasive/laparoscopic procedures that can be availed of. Your surgeon will discuss your options with you based on your particular medical history.

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