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Open Partial Nephrectomy

What is open partial nephrectomy?

Open partial nephrectomy is a surgical procedure performed to treat kidney cancer. The surgery involves the removal of the diseased portion of the kidney along with a margin of the surrounding tissue. By this method, the functional units of the kidney are preserved, which can continue to filter blood and form urine. This is known as a nephron sparing surgery. The surgery is performed in the following cases:

  • Small tumor
  • Patients with single kidney
  • Patients with diabetes or hypertension in whom the removal of a kidney may cause further impairment

How is the procedure performed?

Open partial nephrectomy is performed under general anesthesia. During the procedure, your doctor makes an incision below the ribs, on the side of your body where the affected kidney is located. In some cases, a part of the rib may also be removed to expose the affected region. The diseased kidney is removed along with a small part of the surrounding tissue. A drain is placed next to the surface of the kidney and a catheter (small tube) is inserted into the bladder to monitor your urine output. Both, the drain and catheter will remain in your body until your kidney heals completely.

For the first 2 days after surgery, you will be on fluid diet and start your normal diet soon after. You will be discharged from the hospital in about 3 to 4 days depending on your health condition.

What are the risks and complications involved?

Like all surgeries, open partial nephrectomy may involve complications such as:

  • Infection, bleeding and bruising of the wound
  • Urinary infection (mostly due to catheter)
  • Chest infection due to complications in anesthesia
  • Lung collapse
  • Injury to the neighboring tissues
  • Blood clots in the legs or lungs

For further information regarding Open Partial Nephrectomy, please contact NMC UroCare at http://www.nmcurocare.ae/contact-us/

Open surgical techniques are restricted to selective cases only. NMC UroCare also offers an alternative minimally invasive procedure of partial nephrectomy. For more information on Lap Partial Nephrectomy, please visit http://www.nmcurocare.ae/advanced-laparoscopy-keyhole-surgery/.