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Partial Amputation of Penis

Partial amputation of the penis, also called partial penectomy, is a surgery performed to remove a part of the penis to treat penile cancer. The procedure can be performed under either general or spinal anesthesia. Your surgeon removes the tip of the penis, ensuring that the remaining shaft is long enough to pass urine away from your body. The penile stump is covered with a skin graft that can be taken from the remaining penis itself or the thigh region. Your doctor will try to bring your urethra (passage for urine to exit the body) as close as possible to its natural position. This will enable you to pass urine in a standing position and preserve your sexual function. Your doctor may place a catheter (thin tube) in the bladder to help urination for 1 to 2 weeks.

Like all surgical procedures, partial amputation of the penis is associated with certain side effects such as shortening of your penis, bruising, swelling, bleeding, infection, failure of the skin graft and recurrence of tumor.

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