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Penile Reconstruction and Reimplantation

Penile reconstruction and reimplantation surgeries are performed to repair a damaged penis (fractures, amputation and soft tissue injury), maintain penile length, facilitate normal urination and prevent erectile dysfunction. The different types of reconstruction and reimplantation surgeries involve:

Penile fracture repair: Penile fractures involve damage to the corpus cavernosum (tissue responsible for erections). This surgery is performed through a circular incision and degloving of the skin to the base of the penis. Your doctor will check the extent of injury present. The site of injury is identified, damaged tissue is removed along with any hematomas (collection of blood), lacerations are closed and damaged blood vessels are repaired. The wound is then closed.

Penile amputation repair: Penile amputation involves the partial or complete cutting of the penis. The urethra may also be involved. In this procedure, your surgeon will remove any dead tissue and the penile skin of the stump and the amputated shaft of the penis is undermined to expose the arteries, nerves and veins. Your doctor then uses a Foley catheter to stabilize the severed urethra. Damaged blood vessels and nerves are repaired using a microscope and fine sutures. The main shaft of the penis and the urethra are then joined together.

Penile soft tissue repairs: Penile soft tissue injury involves burns, infection and bites. In this procedure, the dead tissue is removed, the wound is irrigated with antibiotics, cuts are sutured and injuries are closed (except in case of severe infection). In some cases, skin grafts may be used to repair large defects.

The most common complications for penile reconstruction and reimplantation include infection, erectile dysfunction and abnormal curvature.

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