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Prostate – Signs and Symptoms

Some of the common signs and symptoms associated with prostate problems include

  • Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are common in elderly men. Symptoms include increased frequency and urgency, hesitancy, poor stream, sporadic flow, and straining while urination.
  • International prostate symptom score (IPSS) questionnaire helps urologists to better analyze the severity of LUTS. A total score of 0-7 is considered mildly symptomatic; 8-19 moderately symptomatic; and 20-35 severely symptomatic.
  • Acute urinary retention is a urological emergency characterized by the sudden lack of ability to pass urine.
  • Chronic urinary retention symptoms appear infrequently and are similar to LUTS. There is difficulty with urination and symptoms may include a weak flow, increased frequency, and dribbling. The discomfort is often mild when compared to AUR.
  • Infection & bleeding: Inflammation of the prostate is known as prostatitis. Acute prostatitis is a condition caused by bacterial infection of the prostate. Bleeding is often a common symptom of an enlarged prostate and/or urinary tract infection. It can also be a sign of advanced prostate cancer.
  • Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancers found in men where abnormal cells grow out of control in the prostate gland. It may be confined within the gland or may be aggressive and spread to other parts of the body and cause serious complications.

The chances of a successful treatment are better when prostate diseases are detected in its early stages.