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Open Inguinal Ligation of Varicocele

Varicocele is the abnormal dilation of the testicular veins in the scrotum and is a cause of infertility in men. Open inguinal ligation is a microsurgical procedure that involves the removal of the varicocele through the groin. Open inguinal ligation is performed under general anesthesia. Your doctor makes an incision of 2cm in the groin. The spermatic cord, which contains the tube carrying sperm and blood vessels, is exposed. A longitudinal cut is made to expose thevaricose veins. The varicocele is ligated and divided. The neighboring arteries and nerves are preserved. The procedure is performed under a powerful microscope. This procedure takes about half an hour to complete.

Like all surgeries, open inguinal ligation may be associated with certain side effects such as, hydrocele (accumulation of water around the testis), testicular artery injury, and rarely, testicular atrophy (reduction of testicular size).

There are alternate minimally invasive/laparoscopic procedures that can be availed of. The open inguinal ligation of varicocele is restricted to selected cases only. Your surgeon will discuss your options with you based on your particular medical history.

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